About us

By placing you at the centre of our endeavours, we have over the years achieved constant growth and developed our activities beyond all frontiers. Established as „Dr. Arıbas Trading“ back in 1987, we have gained extensive experience and have excelled in the used printing and finishing machinery trade.

Now more so than ever, operating under our new company name of „Arıbas Printing Machinery GmbH“, we will offer you only the very best! This is provided by the values of our company founder, Dr. Nazif Arıbas: honesty, partnership, fairness and integrity. These are, and always have been, the cornerstones of all our dealings. In this vein, we maintain tried and tested procedures and develop new ones. With several generations of skill in our company, we are bringing together innovation and experience. With our young, highly trained, international team and using the latest communications technologies, we demonstrate our company's capabilities to you at any time - this is what we call „dynamic trading“.


What we do

Our competencies lie in the international trade of used printing and finishing equipment from well-known manufacturers.
This is a complex and wide-ranging business, for buyers and sellers alike. Relevant know-how and experience are an absolute necessity in this business. We have the competence to accept and meet this challenge to your complete satisfaction. Having our own stock of machines plus strong personal contacts in the international sales and purchase markets puts us in a position to satisfy even the most challenging requirements. You can expect high-quality machines and high-quality service from us. Since we have been internationally active for many years, we are now specialists in the entire sales, technical and logistical process.

Depending on your requirements, this includes: 
- technical machine inspection,
- valuation,
- dismantling,
- packaging and machine protection,
- interim storage, loading and transport,
- installation,
- cleaning and painting,
- partial overhauls and supply of replacement parts,
- employee training and
- support with respect to arranging finance.

Contact us with your requirements and enquiries - we are always at your disposal!

Why should you choose us as your partner for such important and far-reaching decisions? We could just say: „Trust us, we'll look after you!“ But the main reason you should choose us is because we do not consider ourselves merely brokers of used printing machinery. Our aim is to meet your requirements punctually and to execute the sale or purchase for you with the least bureaucracy and the maximum efficiency possible. All this is done within the shortest timeframe, so you can implement your concepts as quickly as possible. We provide tailored solutions for our customers, suppliers and sales and distribution partners. Our entire team and all our knowledge is dedicated to achieving this! What we mean by dynamic trading can be seen in our competence in the following areas:

Our partners 

Since your satisfaction is our main interest, your specific requirements are central to our activities. With our exceptional knowledge of the industry, we are able to offer you the best possible service to meet your specific requirements in various areas. To carry out these tasks, we bring together the competencies of our selected partners in the industry. This means that you benefit from the best services every time.

The market 

We know the machines! We know the buyers! Thanks to our selected sales and distribution partners, we are always well informed regarding the current market conditions. No location is too far away for us: whether Cologne, Istanbul, New York or Shanghai - we'll be there in person! With our knowledge of the market, we are always in a position to submit concrete proposals to you.

Our database

To help you implement your concept, we have over many years developed a unique database application. All business processes are supported via integration of the communication channels available nowadays. The application is efficient, bi-directional and connected to the Internet and our extranet. Details of machines for sale are made available to interested parties all over the world in an instant. Furthermore, we provide our customers and suppliers with direct access to our extensive database at www.aribas.com. In so doing, we offer active participation in the marketing process.