MAN-Roland 708 3B PLV

Sheet-fed offset
708 3B PLV
Year of Manuf.
74 x 104 cm
40 Mio Sheets
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  • Rolandmatic Delta continuous dampening
  • APL (automatic plate loading)
  • Colorpilot Comfort
  • Quick Change Surface
  • PressPilot - remote controlled inking
  • Blanket washing device - automatic Roland SelectCleaning
  • Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic SelectCleaning
  • Ink-roller washing device - automatic
  • Ink agitators SelectinkAgitator
  • Impression cylinder - chromed
  • Stream feeder Roland High Performance
  • Non-stop Delivery manual
  • Air-Glide Delivery X3 + 1828 mm
  • UV delivery dryer
  • IR and UV dryer SelectDryer
  • Perfecting 8:0/2:6
  • Quick Change Coating Smart
  • QuickChange Clamp (clamping bar system coater)
  • Quick start plus
  • UV interdeck dryer Select Uv Dryer lamps at 4 positions
  • Ink unit temperature control Roland Select Combi Center
  • Ion device Kersten - RS 104 Inline Sheeter
  • QuickChange Job (Job changeover)
Technical Details
max. Speed
15,000 sheets/h
1,823 cm
345 cm
214 cm
Format Max X
74 cm
Format Max Y
104 cm
Format Min X
34 cm
Format Min Y
48 cm
Printing Surface X
70 cm
Printing Surface Y
102 cm
Max. Paper Strength
1 mm
Min. Paper Strength
0.04 mm
Stacking Height Feeder
118 cm
Stacking Height Delivery
108 cm
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Series Information: MAN-Roland 700

Roland 700 – The Universal Machine

With a maximum printing speed of 18,000 sheets per hour (perfecting presses 12,000 sheets per hour) substrate with thicknesses from 0.04 mm to 1.0 cm in size 74 x 104 print can be printed. The model is available as two-, three-, four-, five-, six-, seven-, eight-, nine- and ten-color model with or without perfecting. From paper and board to special materials - with this all-round machine everything is possible. The modular concept allows an individual, customized configuration: in commercial, package or special printing. A variety of automations leads to high flexibility in job change.

At a glance

- The control console can be integrated into the PECOM-system
- The format change is done automatically
- All washing systems (blanket cylinder, impression cylinder, inking unit) are automatically
- The plate insertion is automated (PPL) or automatically (APL)
- The ink setting is done by RCI (Remote Controlled Inking)
- Color control is done by CCI (Computer Controlled Inking)
- Option between single or double coating module: accurate dosing leads to high efficiency
- The AirGlide delivery has a particularly flat sheet ascent area and a long rest before the sheet delivery. This results in a stable and clean pile.
- An optimal number of ink rollers regulates the optimum ratio between storage capacity and responsiveness in the inking unit