MAN-Roland 304 0B

Sheet-fed offset
304 0B
Year of Manuf.
53 x 74 cm
92 Mio Sheets
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  • Rolandmatic continuous dampening
  • CPL (semi auto plate loader + plate cocking)
  • RCI 2 - remote controlled inking
  • Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic
  • Ink-roller washing device - automatic
  • Blanket washing device - automatic
  • Powder sprayer WEKOTRON
  • High-pile delivery
  • Perfecting 4:0/2:2
  • Cooling and recirculation Technotrans
Technical Details
max. Speed
15,000 sheets/h
Net Weight
22,190 kg
788 cm
290 cm
187 cm
Format Max X
53 cm
Format Max Y
74 cm
Format Min X
26 cm
Format Min Y
40 cm
Printing Surface X
51 cm
Printing Surface Y
74 cm
Max. Paper Strength
0.6 mm
Min. Paper Strength
0.04 mm
Stacking Height Feeder
119 cm
Stacking Height Delivery
108 cm
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Series Information: MAN-Roland 300

Roland 300 – Perfecting in small format

This machine is available as two-, four-, five-, six-, seven- and eight-color model. In the format 50 x 70 cm substrates between 0.04 to 0.6 mm can be printed with this machine. In straight printing, the machine achieves a maximum print speed of 16,000 sheets per hour; in perfecting it are 15,000 sheets per hour. Due to its high automation, this machine is ideal for frequent job changes.

At a glance

- An optional special format (59 x 74 cm) increases the flexibility, particularly in commercial and publishing print work
- The plate change is done automatically by CPL (Cocking Plate Loading) or quick-plate clamping bars
- All washing systems at inking unit, plate, impression and transfer cylinders are automatically
- The feeder with suction feedboard guarantees a smooth sheet travel
- The inking units are designed that heat accumulation is impossible. Therefore, the optional inking unit temperature control is necessary only at special applications.
- The special turning technology with absorbent pads in the storage drum allows the perfect processing of even very thin, unstable paper
- The optional coating module allows the application of water-based coating as well as UV gloss coating and special coatings
- The color setting is done quickly and accurately by RCI (Remote Controlled Inking)