KBA Rapida 74-5 + L

Sheet-fed offset
Rapida 74
Rapida 74-5 + L
Year of Manuf.
52 x 74 cm
15 Mio Sheets
< >
  • Plate loading - semi automatic PWHA
  • ErgoTronic ColorControl
  • 60 Hertz
  • Blanket washing device - automatic Baldwin
  • Ink-roller washing device - automatic
  • Non-stop feeder
  • High-pile delivery
  • Extended delivery ALV2 (1850mm)
  • Non-stop Delivery
  • Powder sprayer Weko AP230
  • IR and UV dryer Grafix G55K
  • Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system
  • Water cooled peripherals
  • Cooling and recirculation Technotrans beta.c
  • Ink unit temperature control
  • Central air supply cabinet Air Center Rietschle
  • Ion device
  • Foil printing attachments
  • CX Version (Board equipment)
Technical Details
max. Speed
15,000 sheets/h
Net Weight
14,900 kg
828 cm
250 cm
187 cm
Format Max X
52 cm
Format Max Y
74 cm
Format Min X
21 cm
Format Min Y
30 cm
Printing Surface X
51 cm
Printing Surface Y
73 cm
Max. Paper Strength
1 mm
Min. Paper Strength
60 g/m²
Stacking Height Feeder
110 cm
Stacking Height Delivery
110 cm
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Series Information: KBA Rapida 74

KBA Rapida 74 - modern sheetfed offset technology for flexible print production

The ultra-modern, high-performance Rapida sheetfed offset machine 74 is provided to an unusually flexible and economical print production. The enlarged print size - 52 x 74 – and the decentralized electrical system with the user-oriented ErgoTronic console and all other optional modules from the KBA Opera automation kit bring the Rapida 74 in their form class all the way forward. Besides the known standard and special applications in commercial printing they can be used efficiently for the small format packaging printing with inline finishing or for printing on plastic material.

At a glance

- Feeder: The feeder was designed in that way, that no parts have to be changed when different substrates are used. The feeder separates different substrates from lightweight to rigid plastic board properly and guides them with high performance and exact register into the printing unit.
- Printing units: All cylinders run in adjustable, multi-row roller bearings. The gripper systems are adjusted in that way that the entire substrate range can be processed without manual intervention. By the universal distance of the gripper bars, all substrates up to thick cardboard can be printed without any manual adjustments at the grippers. With the automatic plate changing the workflow is facilitated and accelerated significantly during the job change. All sub-processes of plate change are triggered in the respective printing unit of a button.
- Color and dampening unit: By the open design heat accumulation is prevented, so that the properties of ink and dampening solution remain constant also over longer runs.
- Delivery: By the plain text display all machine functions are displayed. This allows the printer a targeted intervention. Optional accessories include the lowered nonstop roller-blind as well as a kit, with which the machine can be set higher up to 250 mm.
- Coating and drying: With all units UV-coatings as well as water-based coatings can be applied. The application area includes full-surface or partial coating. If a extension of delivery is installed between coater and delivery, configurations such as infrared, hot air or UV dryer can be equipped.
- Automation around the print: The ErgoTronic console is integrated into a modern, digital workflow.
- The operator sets over the Colortronic- system color profile and a damping solution, enters all automatic machine settings and functions before and can check this on the monitor by a modern user-friendly interface, which is based on the widespread Windows-system.