KBA Rapida 105-8 SW

Sheet-fed offset
Rapida 104 / 105 / Universal
Rapida 105-8 SW
Year of Manuf.
72 x 105 cm
206 Mio Sheets
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  • Varidamp dampening + Delta-Drive
  • Plate loading - full automatic
  • Colortronic remote controlled inking
  • Ergotronic console
  • DensiTronic Basic
  • ACR Control (video registersystem)
  • Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic Baldwin
  • Ink-roller washing device - automatic Baldwin
  • Blanket washing device - automatic Baldwin
  • Plate cylinder - coated
  • Impression cylinder - coated
  • Suction-tape feeder table
  • Double sheet detection - electronic
  • SIS-Sensoric Infeed System
  • Powder sprayer Weko AP 262
  • Non-stop Delivery Rollo
  • Perfecting 8:0/4:4
  • Water cooled peripherals
  • Ink unit temperature control
  • Cooling and recirculation Technotrans Beta C
  • Alcosmart (alcohol measuring technology f IPA) AZR
  • Central air supply cabinet Air Center Rietschle
  • Equipment for thin substrates
  • Antistatic device Kersten
Technical Details
max. Speed
12,000 sheets/h
1,476 cm
403 cm
228 cm
Format Max X
72 cm
Format Max Y
105 cm
Format Min X
36 cm
Format Min Y
52 cm
Printing Surface X
71 cm
Printing Surface Y
103 cm
Max. Paper Strength
0.7 mm
Max. Paper Strenght
600 g/m²
Min. Paper Strength
0.04 mm
Min. Paper Strength
40 g/m²
Stacking Height Feeder
130 cm
Stacking Height Delivery
130 cm
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Series Information: KBA Rapida 104 / 105 / Universal

KBA Rapida 105

With high productivity, substrate flexibility and high degree of automation it sets new standards in economy and print production. It is available in sizes 72 x 105 cm or 74 x 105 cm. In feeder and delivery, the Rapida 105 has a pile height of 1.3 meters.

At a glance

- Feeder: The processing of heavy cardboard, lightweight paper or plastic is possible. The system works with the oscillator system, this allows a safe and scratch-free inlet of the sheet. By the remote-controlled format adjustment the process of changing the substrates in feeder and delivery can be shorten significantly.
- Printing unit: The sheet is only passed to the transfer drum when it is fully printed. An air cushion, which is located under the transfer drums, ensures contact-free sheet transport between the printing units.
- Color- and dampening-units: The ColorTronic ink fountians are equipped with 34 each 30 mm wide ink keys with blades. Due to its well-constructed locking mechanism on the ink fountain its side plates are always drawn with the same force to the support rings of the ink fountain. Pushing a button allows to shut down the unused inking units from the control system. This feature saves time and costs. By the electronic speed compensation ink and dampening amount are adjusted to the speed of the machine, so that the ink / water balance is maintained when changing the machine speed.
- Coating and drying: The coating applicator roller and transfer roller are working in opposite directions. This allows very smooth coatings. The roller coating facility consists of three rollers, metering, transfer and form roller.
- Anilox coater: This coating system is for many order structures in package printing, in which homogeneous coating layers are required, a good alternative to variable quantity coating. The amount of coating applied is determined by the type of grid of the roller. The dryer concept includes IR, UV and hot air dryers in many variations between the printing units or in the delivery.
- Delivery: The suction and blast air elements ensure a continuous deposit of sheets and precise pile formation. The Rapida 105 can optionally be equipped with an automated version of the pile change, the lowerable nonstop – roller blind.