Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-6 + L (F)

Sheet-fed offset
SM XL 75
Speedmaster XL 75-6 + L (F)
Year of Manuf.
60.5 x 75 cm
145 Mio Sheets
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  • Alcolor continuous dampening
  • Autoplate (semi automatic plate loader)
  • Prinect Inpress Control
  • Prinect Press Center
  • Remote register: lateral, vertical & diagonal
  • Ink-roller washing device - automatic
  • Blanket washing device - automatic
  • Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic
  • Impression cylinder - chromed
  • Automatic paper size setting on feeder
  • Preset Plus feeder
  • Suction-tape feeder table
  • PowderStar - powder sprayer
  • Preset Plus delivery
  • Automatic paper size setting on delivery
  • DryStar Combination - IR and hot air dryer
  • Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system
  • Air cooled peripherals
  • Press Center Wallscreen Application
  • AirStar - Central air supply cabinet
  • CombiStar - Dampening solution conditioning + ink unit temperature control
  • Central air supply cabinet
Technical Details
max. Speed
15,000 sheets/h
Format Max X
60.5 cm
Format Max Y
75 cm
Format Min X
21 cm
Format Min Y
35 cm
Max. Paper Strength
0.8 mm
Min. Paper Strength
0.03 mm
Stacking Height Feeder
112 cm
Stacking Height Delivery
112 cm
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Series Information: Heidelberg SM XL 75

Speedmaster XL 75 – Productivity jump in half-format

With a maximum speed of 18,000 sheets per hour and a range of printing substrates up to 0.8 mm, this machine in the format 50 x 70 is part of the Peak Performance Class: it offers a number of innovations that connect through an efficient optimization of process steps highest print quality and maximum productivity. The diversity of performance and equipment variants is crucial for the modern print shop. This model is based on a maximum throughput in multi-shift operation, and sets new standards in the field of economics. By fully automated production steps of personnel expenses and set-up times are greatly minimized. The configuration possibilities are immense: between 2 to 12 printing units, with or without sheet reversing device / coating unit. The individual components are perfectly matching. Technologically sophisticated, this machine is also a prime example of ecological printing: resource efficiency, low waste volumes and emissions.

At a glance

- The Preset Plus Feeder is a fully automatic, while a secure sheet travel is guaranteed
- With the Color Fast Solution software the desired coloration is controlled by means of optimum inking and dampening
- The AirTransferSystem ensures the highest quality at all speeds and material thicknesses
- AutoPlateXL reduces setup times by fully automatic simultaneous plate exchange in all printing units
- The Preset Plus delivery takes over preset data. Set-up times are greatly minimized
- Prinect Inpress Control monitors every printed sheet, corrects and guarantees register
- Depending on the required application, there is the inter-unit dryer and end-of-press dryer
- The two-roll coating system guarantees surface and partial coating at precisely metered coating density
- With special coatings, the chambered blade system proves by allowing interchangeable screen rollers a very sophisticated varnish application
- Specially developed Saphira consumables ensure maximum performance of this machine