Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74-5-P + LX (F)

Sheet-fed offset
SM CD 74
Speedmaster CD 74-5-P + LX (F)
Year of Manuf.
60 x 74 cm
129 Mio Sheets
< >
  • Alcolor Vario continuous dampening
  • Autoplate (semi automatic plate loader)
  • CP 2000 - Digital machine control and diagnosis
  • Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic
  • Ink-roller washing device - automatic
  • Blanket washing device - automatic
  • Antistatic feeder Compact
  • Preset feeder (autom. paper size setting)
  • Non-stop feeder
  • Stream feeder
  • Extended delivery X2
  • Non-stop Delivery
  • High-pile delivery
  • IR-Dryer
  • Perfecting 5:0/2:3
  • Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system Tresu
  • Machine elevated 550mm
  • Model F Format (58,5 x 74 cm)
Technical Details
max. Speed
15,000 sheets/h
Net Weight
31,740 kg
298 cm
194 cm
Format Max X
60 cm
Format Max Y
74 cm
Format Min X
21 cm
Format Min Y
35 cm
Printing Surface X
59 cm
Printing Surface Y
74 cm
Max. Paper Strength
1 mm
Stacking Height Feeder
122 cm
Stacking Height Delivery
122 cm
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Series Information: Heidelberg SM CD 74

Speedmaster CD 74 - Packaging printing in medium format

In your format the Speedmaster CD 74 defines a new class of performance at up to 18,000 sheets per hour (in straight printing). It is available in sizes 53 cm x 74 cm (C format) and 60.5 cm x 74 cm (F format), with and without sheet reversing device. In particular, the perfecting models of four to ten colors, on request, with coating unit and extended delivery, offer completely new potentials in medium format. Increasing product differentiation and altered target groups require shorter runs and frequent job changes. The Speedmaster CD 74 is a very user-friendly and robust machine.

Profitable by differentiation
The trend to finished print products continues to develop dynamically. With the Speedmaster CD 74, you can respond to this trend flexible and economical. Both in the segment of high-quality commercial printing as well as in packaging and label printing gloss and metallic effects increase the valence. Here, printing of UV inks and coatings play an important role. The Speedmaster CD is available with UV equipment that allows a flexible adaptation.

At a glance
- The new suction head reduces setup times by simplified, automatic adjustment, and is available with pile height sensor.
- The Preset feeder includes an automatic sheet arrival control and misalignment correction, creating a safer sheet travel.
- The feed table with central suction tape provides fast job changes at minimum need for adjustment.
- The inking and dampening units react with the Color Fast Solution software immediately to the changes of damping and coloring.
- The sheet guide with AirTransfer Stystem between the printing units is automatically set to the substrate thicknesses entered on the Prinect CP2000 Center.
- The coating facility has a remote adjustment for lateral, circumferential and diagonal register for a time-saving setting. It can be equipped with a chambered blade system.
- The DryStar dryer systems are optimally matching the sheet travel.
- The preset delivery ensures precise pile formation with the highest machine speed.