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Perfect Binders

Perfect binding is the dominant binding method in the post-press industry. The great effectiveness of the method is the main reason for this superiority: adhesive binders are continuously working machines for gluing the pages of a book. For gluing hotmelt, Coldmelt and, increasingly, PUR glues are used. 


The so-called back-milling method with adhesive binders reaches a secure attachment and can be found as a result, in almost all perfect binding machines. Using the knives or cutters the gutters are removed from the folded sheets. To the sheet edges, an adhesive glue is applied, which is covered with a backstrip.


 Another method is the fan principle. In this original method passes through the spreading of the block back a narrow adhesive strip between the leaf edges. Industrial adhesive binders are generally used inline with coating machines, three-knife trimmers and stackers to achieve maximum productivity.

Common and renowned manufactures of perfect binders are Müller Martine, Kolbus, Heidelberg and Horizon.