Sell an XL 75-5 + LX from Germany to Chile

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5+LX

On behalf of a leasing company, the machine of an into skew fallen print shop had to be liquidated. After Aribas Printing Machinery GmbH has secured the contract for purchase of the machine it was sold promptly to a customer in Chile. 

It was a well-preserved machine with Axis Control. After a rigorous machine function survey including a final print test, it was first temporarily stored. This was followed by an intensive cleaning and replacement of various wear parts including new rollers. 

The machine will be installed in January in cooperation with a long-standing South American partner and put into operation.

Manufacturer: HeidelbergColours: 5
Maschine series: SM XL 75(C)max. speed: 15.000 Bogen/Std.
Year: 1999Format: 53 x 75 cm
Max. paper thickness 0,8 mm