Ryobi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agree Joint Venture

On 20 June 2013, both Japanese printing machines manufacturers have concluded a contract to establish a Joint Venture. By means of this contract, the field of sheet-fed offset printing machines will be integrated under a new name.


The global market crisis forces two giants to a merger

The market crisis considerably deteriorates the worldwide demand for printing machines. The decline especially in the developped countries has deeply weakened the companies. Due to this fact, the two companies decided for an internal reform in structure. The merger in the field of sheetfed offset machines shall preserve the competitiveness and financial standing.

The joint venture in the field of sheetfed offset machines shall produce important advantages with regards to products, development and reduce in cost.






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Exploitation of the printing sector in the emerging markets

Analysts assume a rising demand of printing machines in the newly industrialized countries. At the same time, the industrialized countries demand more and more spezialized printing machines.  

The joint venture was the best way to grant a good product range for both markets and to achieve a stronger presence in the world market.

A new name and a new management

The companies agreed upon the name “Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology Ltd”. Headquarter of the organization is Hiroshima, Japan. The new board of directors has not yet been announced, but it will consist of five directors, whereof three come from Ryobi and two from MHI-PPM. The equity shall be 100 Bn. Yen (arount 770.000 Eur). Change of name and activity will start on 1st of january 2014. RM Limited was founded on 31st of july 2013 as preliminary company.